Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2014 
Hepatitis B Vaccine Reduced the Prevalence of Antibodies to Hepatitis B Core Antigen in Blood Donors in Aseer Region,Saudi Arabia

Pages 13-22

Essam H. Ibrahim; Saad M. Bin Dajem; Abdulaziz A Heijan; Hala F. Hadish; Yasser A. Zahar; Ali Alshehri; Mona Kilany; Osama M. S. Mostafa

Molecular characterization of Paenibacillus larvae larvae, for early diagnosis of american foulbrood of honeybees in Egypt

Pages 35-45

Shireen A. M. Ma’moun; Mohamed I. Imam; Emad A. Nafea; Rabia A. Anan; Mohamed S. Salama; Akila M. El Shafai; Ahmed H. Kaschef

Evaluation of Urinary system diseases using Intra-venous Urography and Ultrasound

Pages 47-52

Mohammed Yousef; Jumaa Yousif Tamboul; Moawia Gameraddin; Rahma Adam

The curative effect of Bee Venom and Propolis on oxidative stress induced by γ-irradiation on blood and tissues of rats

Pages 53-69

Abd-Elraheim A. Elshater; Mouchira M. Mohi Eldin; Muhammad M. A. Salman; Naglaa R. A. Kasem

The impact of vanadium on endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic rats: Histological insight

Pages 83-91

Mohamed A Haidara; Abbas O. El Karib; Ismaeel Bin-Jaliah; Mohamed D. Morsy; Abdullah S. Shatoor; Salah O. Bashir; Basiouny A . El-Gamal; Mohammed El-Hassan Kemeir; Refaat A. Eid

Phytochemical analysis and inhibitory effects of extract of young fruits of Ficus palmate on some pathogenic microbes

Pages 131-139

Sulaiman A. Alrumman; Mahmoud F. Moustafa; Abd El-Latif Hesham; Saad A. Alamri; Mohamed Hashem