Activity Level of Lactate dehydrogenase and β-glucosidase Enzymes in the honeybee colonies, (Apis mellifera L.) with different feeding

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), ARC, Dokki, Giza


activity of Lactate dehydrogenaseand β-glucosidase
was determined in Carniolan workers honey bee, Apis
L. after feeding on different diets antibiotic ,ripe milk
and some natural plant extract (thyme, clove, cinnamon, black seeds and anise)
. The results showed the highest increase in the β-glucosidase activity was occurred in the diet containing Ripe milk
(106.17%) and the other diets  scored decrease in the activity  , as well as the Lactate dehydrogenaseactivity the results showed highly enzyme activity
in  diets antibiotic and clove 192.56%, & 215.70%. respectively as compared
with the other diets used in this study.