Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, December 2017 
Genetic Polymorphisms in Exon-3 region of Growth Hormone Gene in the Egyptian Goat Breeds

Pages 1-8

Nermin K. El-Halawany; Fathy M. Abd-El-Razek; Yasmin A A. El-Sayed; Afaf El-Werdany; Abd-El-Monsif A. Shawky; Ahmed F. Al-Tohamy; Hamdi Abdel-Shafy

Identification of Ganoderma Isolates from Egypt Based on Morphological Characters and ITS1-rDNA Genetic Marker

Pages 21-38

Labiba Ahmed Reda; Naglaa M. Ebeed; M. G.E.M. EL-Samman; M. H. Mostafa; M. A. Ahmed

Carcinogenic and Cytotoxic Effect of Some Food Additives on Drosophila melanogaster and Human Cell Lines

Pages 39-50

Ingy M. El Hefny; Ayman A. Diab Walaa; Ayman A. Diab; Walaa G. Hozayen; Neima K K. Al-Senosy