Relationship Between Toxoplasma gondii and Sex Hormone

Document Type : Original Article


Department of pathological analysis, College of Applied Sciences, University of Samarra


The study was conducted between August 2021 and April 2022, and samples were collected as outpatients at a fertility laboratory in Baghdad Governorate, whether they were infected or not.
A total of 150 blood samples were collected from men participating in the          
             Baghdad Provincial Fertility Laboratory by drawing 5 mL of venous blood using a tourniquet and a 5 mL wine syringe and placing them in two types of laboratory tubes for testing. Information about these people obtained through a paper a questionnaire that provides a wealth of information about the subject of the study, including name, age, education, date, place of residence, and whether there are cats in the home.
The effects of parasites on hormone levels (LH, FSH, prolactin, and testosterone) and parasites were examined after the samples were split into four groups (control group, Toxoplasma infection group, infertility group, parasite infection group, and infertility group).