Antifungal Studies of Alkaloids and Flavonoids of Asparagus albus from the Arid Region of Algeria

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1 Institut of science, Nour Bachir Center university, El Bayadh, Algeria, 32000

2 Institut of science Nour Bachir university center, El Bayadh, Algeria, 32000 Ecodeveleopment des espaces laboratory, nature and life faculty, UDL, SBA, 22000


Asparagus albus L is a medicinal plant that grows spontaneously in the region of Brezina wilaya of El Bayadh. In this work, we made the extraction of flavonoids and alkaloids from the different organs (twigs, bark and roots) plant Asparagus albus to test its antioxidant, and antifungal activities.
          The antifungal activity is evaluated by the estimated growth is also expressed as a percentage (%) relative to the growth of control.
 The antioxidant activity of the various extracts of Asparagus albus L using DPPH was evaluated by the spectrophotometric method.
           Results show that the yield of flavonoids is 9.5% and those of alkaloids is 8.1% The study of the antioxidant power by the method of DPPH radical trapping, reveals the presence of antioxidant properties for the extract studied. The percentage of inhibition most striking was 40.11% of tannins and 55.52% of alkaloids. The evaluation of the antifungal power on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp shows an effect of the extracts on fungi which can be valorised as a fungicide. This result makes Asparagus albus a very promising natural source of antioxidants.