Hormonal Changes in BALB/c Mice During Aflatoxins Exposure produced From Aspergillus flavus and the Protective Effects of Panax ginseng Extract.

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1 College of dentistry, Tikreet University

2 Institute of medical technology/ Al Mansour

3 College of medicine , Faluja university


The aim of the present study to identify the influence of  aflatoxins (9mg/kgb.w)  in the sum of hormone levels Total thyroxin, Testosterone and Luteinizing hormonein BALB/c mice and the protective effects of pretreatment of the three concentrations of Panax ginseng(150mg / kg b.w) , (100mg / kg b.w)  and (50mg / kg b.w) At the end of administrated interval, the laboratory animals had weighted and killed to obtain blood samples in order toidentify the changes in the level of thyroid hormones T4 as well as testosterone and Luteinizing hormonethe results showed as follows:
1-   Reducing in the level of hormone T4 , testosterone and Luteinizing hormone LH in the blood serum of the aflatoxins AFs (9mg/kgb.w) animals group when compared with control.
2-   Increasing in the level of T4, testosterone and Luteinizing hormone LH of each Animals administrated pretreatment with Panax ginseng at the tree concentrations.
3-   The best protective effects against Aflatoxins in current study done by the concentrations (150mg / kg b.w) of Panax ginseng extract.